Lawyer Man 1933

Idealistic attorney Anton Adam makes headlines when he successfully prosecutes a prominent New York racketeer named Gilmurry. Adam's sudden renown attracts the attention of high-profile legal eagle Granville Bentley, who asks Adam to become a partner in his law firm. But Adam's rising career takes a nosedive when he's framed by Gilmurry and a sexy actress in a trumped-up breach of promise suit. The only constant in Adam's life is the loyalty and unrequited love of his secretary Olga.

Criminal Lawyer 1937

Barry Brandon, a criminal lawyer, visits the night club of Denny Larkin, his primary client, with Betty Walker, a spoiled society girl. The police raid the club and Brandon pleads that the whole group is guilty, just to get even with Larkin for a rebuke. On the same night in court, Madge Carter is on trial for disorderly conduct, and Brandon volunteers to defend her, and proves the case against her if a frame-up. Finding that she is penniless, Brandon hires her as his secretary, and falls in love with her. Brandon is appointed district attorney and has ambitions of becoming the state governor. Having dinner at Betty's home, she maneuvers him, while he is drunk, into marrying her. Later, Madge is a witness when Larkin shoots down a fellow gangster. By threatening Brandon's life, he forces her to commit perjury at his trial, and say he fired in self-defense. Brandon, the prosecuting attorney (who has had his marriage to Betty annulled) knows she is lying but doesn't know why.

The Lawyer 1970

Wilma Harrison had it all. A wealthy doctor for a husband. A big playboy for a lover. A beautiful home. And a horrible death.

Society Lawyer 1939

Society lawyer Christopher Durant agrees to defend his friend Phil Siddall when Siddall is arrested for the murder of an ex-girlfriend. With the help of nightclub singer Pat Abbott and crime boss Tony Gazotti (a former client), Durant launches his own investigation of the murder in order to prove his friend's innocence

Criminal Lawyer 1951

A drunken attorney tries to sober up in order to defend a friend in murder case.

See My Lawyer 1945

Ole and Chic are comedians employed in a nightclub, but seeking to be released from their contracts to take a better job. But the prissy nightclub owner, B. J. Wagonhorn, refuses to let them go. In reprisal, they start hurling insults at the nightclub patrons… a ploy that soon has them facing multiple lawsuits… to the delight of three struggling attorneys, Charlie Rodman, Bettty Wilson and Arthur Lane.

Sue My Lawyer 1938

Comedy. Although he lacks a law degree Harry persistently pesters District Attorney O.T. Hill for a job

The Street Lawyer

"The Street Lawyer," based on John Grisham's book about an attorney who leaves his high-priced firm to work for the less fortunate.

The Serbian Lawyer 2014

Ten years after fleeing the regime in Serbia, Marko finds himself defending some of the very people that he fought against while he lived there, including the notorious Radovan Karadzic.

Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief

The lives of seven people are upended by coincidence, deceit, and paranoid assumption in this claustrophobic noir.

The Lawyer's Secret 1931

Sailor Joe Hart, who is spending his shore leave at a gambling joint, sells his gun to young Laurie Roberts after losing terribly. After Hart again loses his last dime, he leaves the joint and steals a car in order to return to his ship. Later that night, a tough gambler named "The Weasel" convinces Laurie, who also lost badly, that Baldy, the joint's owner, is crooked, and they both return to the joint to break open the safe. During the holdup, The Weasel kills Baldy with Joe's gun and, after being picked up for speeding, Joe is arrested for murder.

Lawyer Lawyer 1997

Stephen Chow plays a selfish yet in some places kind hearted barrister who tricks his servant in doing things for his own benefit. Eric Kot playing the servant is misguided by what he thinks is love and leaves Chow vowing that he will never need Chow's help again in life. Shortly afterwards Kot gets into some big trouble (due to be executed) with the British and calls on Chow for help. Chow tries to help his client, but is fish out of water when he has to fight this court room case according to western rules.

The Lawyer 1983

Hassan is a glib lawyer who verbally bends the law to suit his circumstances but is not astute enough to stay out of jail. Between this lawyer, a judge, a policeman, and a teacher, the foibles of a society in which the law and justice are two separate concepts are surrealistically and comically noted.

Dark Waters 2019

A corporate defense attorney takes on an environmental lawsuit against the DuPont chemical company that exposes a lengthy history of pollution.

Divorce Lawyer 2002

A wealthy woman who owns a designer cloth factory, goes to a lawyer asking to be divorced from her 3 months husband because he snores.

Last Chance Lawyer NYC 2018

Documentary series following the exploits of the criminal lawyer Howard Greenberg.

Rex Is Not Your Lawyer

Rex Is Not Your Lawyer was a proposed legal drama from actor Andrew Leeds and novelist David Lampson. A pilot was shot in December 2009, starring David Tennant, Jerry O'Connell, Abigail Spencer, Jane Curtin and Jeffrey Tambor, but was not picked up, and the project was shelved.

Lawless Lawyer 2018

Driven by the desire to avenge his mother, a former gangster turned lawyer uses both his fists and the loopholes in law to fight against those with absolute power.

The Lawyer 2018

Frank Nordling is a young and exceptionally promising defense lawyer. When Frank learns the truth behind his parents' death, his whole world unravels. As children, Frank and his sister Sara witnessed their parents die in an explosion caused by a car bomb. As Frank finds out, they were murdered by one of the leaders in Copenhagen's criminal underworld, Thomas Waldman. In order to avenge his parents Frank must infiltrate Waldman's organization and become his personal lawyer and trusted confidant. To avoid putting those close to him in danger, Frank has to keep up appearances and play the game. But can he handle it? Is it worth the price? And who's really tricking whom?

My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2016

Jo Deul-Ho, who came from a poor family background, is a promising prosecutor, but he can't ignore the corruption at his workplace. He becomes a whistle-blower and loses everything. Jo Deul-Ho then works to become a lawyer.

Divorce Lawyer in Love 2015

Ko Cheok-Hee (Cho Yeo-Jeong) worked as a lawyer and she would do anything to win her case. So Jung-Woo was her office manager. He pointed out any mistake made by Ko Cheok-Hee which irked her. Their relationship was rocky at best. Now, they meet again at a law firm, but So Jung-Woo works as a lawyer and Ko Cheok-Hee is the officer manager.

99.9 Criminal Lawyer 2016

Hiroto Miyama is an unconventional young lawyer who dances to his own tune and gets a little obsessive. For one thing, he’s only interested in criminal cases, and he will never give up in his pursuit of the truth even if offers only a 0.1% chance of being discovered. Japan’s 99.9% criminal case conviction rate leads the world, attesting to a “highly reliable” judicial system. In other words, once a crime suspect is indicted, prosecutor arguments tend to be accepted hook, line and sinker. In the face of those 99.9% odds, there’s no money in being a defense lawyer specializing in criminal cases, but for Miyama, that’s where the interest and kernels of truth lie. From unexpected places, the mold-breaking Miyama stakes his reputation on a prayer of a chance as he clashes with hotshot lawyers who’ll go to any lengths to win in this gloriously fun, legal mystery.

Divorce Lawyers 2014

On top of waging wars on behalf of their clients, divorce lawyers Luo Li and Chi Hai Dong have major beef when it comes to their personal opinions on love and marriage: despite her profession, Li remains a hopeless romantic, while Hai Dong is the very definition of cynicism. But things get tricky when both colleagues discover they're new neighbors — will they object to their new relationship or will they find a way to settle their differences? So much for unwinding after work!

Heirs 2017

He needs an assistant. She wants her inheritance back. Zheng Hao is a hotshot attorney who specializes in inheritance law. Tang Ning is an heiress who has returned from the United States only to find out that her own family members have forced her to give up her shares of the family business, robbing her of her inheritance. Tang Ning goes to work as Zheng Hao’s assistant, and she realizes that Zheng Hao is exactly the person who can help her regain her rightful place within her family. But can they stop bickering long enough for Tang Ning to achieve her goals?

Scum of Lawyers 2006

Bengoshi no Kuzu is a Japanese manga written and illustrated by Hideo Iura about Takeda Masami, a new lawyer and fellow lawyer Kuzu Motohito, who Takeda is teamed up with, and how they deal with different court cases. It was serialized in Big Comic Original. Bengoshi no Kuzu received the Shogakukan Manga Award for seinen/general category in 2007. The manga was adapted into a 12-episode TV drama, which was broadcast on Tokyo Broadcasting System between April 13, 2006 and June 29, 2006.

Love & Law 2008

Woo Lee-kyung worked at a major law firm as a secretary when she fell head-over-heels in love with Byun-hyuk, a rising star attorney in the firm. They fell madly in love with each other and ended up living together for three years. However, one day, Byun-hyuk decided to leave her, and all she had left were his law school books. The despaired Lee-kyung studied day and night with Byun-hyuk’s books, and soon passed the bar exam herself. Lee-kyung ends up opening her own tiny office with no employees. Her first task is to represent Han Min-kook, who winds up in a huge divorce lawsuit that could cost him an incredible sum of $100 million dollars. This case also lands Lee-kyung in a funny, cute tale of romance. Meanwhile, the story takes an odd twist when it is discovered that Han Min-kook’s ex-wife, Lee Ae-ri, is Lee-kyung’s good friend, and the lawyer representing Ae-ri is none other than Byun-hyuk himself. At the end of the day, Lee-kyung is left with the challenge of facing a showdown with her friend, Ae-ri, as well as her first love, Byun-hyuk.

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