Words and Pictures 2013

An art instructor and an English teacher form a rivalry that ends up with a competition at their school in which students decide whether words or pictures are more important.

Family Pictures 2019

Sylvie and Maggie are strangers living on opposite coasts, leading very similar lives with husbands that travel for work too much and daughters about to leave the nest. But when their daughters befriend each other on a college tour, they soon discover a shocking secret that threatens to tear both families apart.

Pictures of the Old World 1972

A visual essay on the forgotten parts of Eastern Europe. The outskirts here are a Slovakian town in the Tatra Mountains. Though censored for 17 years, Dusan Hanáks poetic visual essay is not a political or even social film. It goes to far deeper and more fundamental levels of human experience. Inspired by the photographs of Martin Martinek, the films power lies in its unusual portraits of people whose raw visual beauty radiates from their very souls

Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures 2001

With commentary from Hollywood stars, outtakes from his movies and footage from his youth, this documentary looks at Stanley Kubrick's life and films. Director Jan Harlan, Kubrick's brother-in-law and sometime collaborator, interviews heavyweights like Jack Nicholson, Woody Allen and Sydney Pollack, who explain the influence of Kubrick classics like "Dr. Strangelove" and "2001: A Space Odyssey," and how he absorbed visual clues from disposable culture such as television commercials.

Alix's Pictures 1980

Alix Cléo Roubaud, a photographer, describes her images to Eustache’s son Boris. An “essay in the shape of a hoax”, Eustache’s last film wittily questions the relationship between showing and telling as it gradually shifts Alix’s narration out of sync with what we see.

Pictures at an Exhibition 1972

Based on Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition. This film used two pinscreens. In front of the main pinscreen, they installed a second, smaller one. This second pinscreen could be rotated thus giving more of an illusion of three-dimensionality

Pictures 1981

Walter Burton's realistic photographs depicting poor treatment of Maori prisoners are rejected by late 19th century government officials. Walter is condemned to making a living from everyday studio work, the frustration of which is apparently quite sufficient to make him a drunk. His brother Alfred is happy to take the photos that the officials want and therefore gets the commissions. Alfred's photos are well received, but when Walter shows his own photos, toughs are sent around to smash up his plates.

Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures 2016

Nude men in rubber suits, close-ups of erections, objects shoved in the most intimate of places—these are photographs taken by Robert Mapplethorpe, known by many as the most controversial photographer of the twentieth century. Openly gay, Mapplethorpe took images of male sex, nudity, and fetish to extremes that resulted in his work still being labelled by some as pornography masquerading as art. But less talked about are the more serene, yet striking portraits of flowers, sculptures, and perfectly framed human forms that are equally pioneering and powerful.

3 Pictures 2014

A female photographer looks upon three photos that she has taken the night before her opening exhibition, and recounts her relationship with her grandfather.

Family Pictures 1993

Nina Eberlin comes home to visit her now-divorced parents and while looking through a collection of pictures taken by her father and herself, she reflects on how the pictures illustrate the nature of families. She begins to tell the story of how her parents discovered their son Randall was autistic and how each reacted to that. Her mother had three more kids, all daughters, "the perfect children." The controversy over that and Randall's treatment pulls the parents apart. It also forces Nina and her older brother Mack to re-evaluate their relationship with each other and each parent.

Pictures of Sound 1998

Depicting the coastal islands outside Vancouver, 'Pictures of Sound' is an enigmatic landscape portrait caught by a stationary camera. Reducing land and water into colour gradations on a flat plane, Kerr compresses and fragments temporality to focus on the gradual shifts and rhythms of light. Boats that penetrate the frame serve as reminders of the artificial world, and indeed, of the medium itself. In something akin to invading blips on a radar screen, they are rendered as computer glitches plotting their way systematically across the horizon.

Pictures of Hollis Woods 2007

After running away from her last foster placement with the Regan family, twelve year old Hollis Woods is placed with a new foster mother, the loving, retired art teacher, Josie Cahill.

Dirty Pictures 2010

Alexander 'Sasha' Shulgin is the scientist behind more than 200 psychedelic compounds including MDMA, more commonly known as Esctasy. Considered to be one of the the greatest chemists of the twentieth century, Sasha's vast array of discoveries have had a profound impact in the field of psychedelic research. 'Dirty Pictures' delves into the lifework of Dr. Shulgin and scientists alike, explores the world of these scientists; their findings and motivations, their ideas, and their beliefs as to how research in this particular field can aid in unlocking the complexities of the mind.

Two Pictures 1999

Canada's king of visual alchemy teams up with France's mistress of minimalism to fashion a photo-based work of cinematic abstraction. Tactile and textured, luscious and luminescent, Two Pictures is a singular statement embodying a powerful dichotomy. This is a film that is simultaneously about nothing and about everything.

Pink Pictures 1978

The Pink Panther decides to become an amateur photographer, but the local wildlife are not cooperative.

Jacob Holdt: My Life in Pictures 2016

In the film we come close to the man Jacob Holdt, the man behind the iconic 'American Pictures'. Now he is forced to seek out the truth about his adventurous destiny. Jacob's extreme yes philosophy threw him into arms on the great love of his life, the United States. Here the young priest's son walked from Ku Klux Klan and murderers to the blacks at the bottom of the American dream. Jacob's approach to life led him into the struggle to transform racism hatred into love between people. But what inner demons drove the vagabond from place to place? We see Jacob when he confronts the sins of the past and clears up. It is embarrassing when long forgotten secrets are revealed; it is intoxicating when old flames suddenly ignite in glowing passion; It's brutal when death reaps in the garden of love. Can the long threads of life be merged like the vagabond's own beard? This roadmovie is a tribute to 'American Pictures' and to the journey, the adventure, the wisdom and, not least, the love.

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