Process Red 1966

An experimental short film by Hollis Frampton of contrasting colours.

The Process 1998

When martial arts champion Pinoy (Shishir Inocalla) travels to America, his fighting skills are put to the test when he finds himself in the middle of a violent gang war. Forced into sudden street combat against fierce members of the Crazy Dragons gang, Pinoy saves the life of Jesse (Ernie Reyes, Jr. - Red Sonja,The Last Dragon). Impressed with Pinoy's amazing fighting abilities and grateful for his life, Jesse befriends the stranger, introducing him to his father.

The Process 1972

This film by Stan Brakhage investigates the process of memory and thought by melting a series of images and a field of color. The positive-negative flickering graphs a sort of shutter-window all over the matter of the vision. Jittery flocks of space are interweaving as pieces of language in a scant illumination, whereas the process of thought is sheared in fuzzy transience.

Process 2004

A woman is on the verge of killing herself, in reverse.

L7: The Beauty Process 1998

A tongue-in-cheek pseudo-documentary, with actual concert footage, of L7's trials and travails being a punk-like band in a pop-like marketplace.

The Process 2001

In a stark, black-and-white world, no man is different until one of them loses his hat in a revolving door. He, alone among his fellows, now has a naked head

Push Process 2007

Oakley and 1242 Productions' latest HD action sports film showcases the progression of wakeboarding and wakeskating through a travelogue of the world's best riders. Join these athletes as they chase down perfect water in the world's most exotic locations. Collaborating with acclaimed filmmaker Justin Stephens and graphic artist Chase Heavener, Oakley’s “Push Process" combines experimental cinematography, editing and animation graphics with the most progressive riding ever documented on the big screen. Oakley athletes Keith Lyman, Aaron Rathy, Andrew Adkison, Amber Wing, George Daniels, Danny Hampson, Dallas Friday and Jack Blodgett are more than just the stars who create the epic footage-they are members of the production team, all playing pivotal roles in the project since day one. Shot exclusively in HD, Push Process takes viewers on a quest to Australia, South Africa, the Florida Keys, Cuba, Minnesota, the Amazon, Canada and beyond.

T.H.O.T. Process 2015

This movie is not intended to promote or encourage promiscuous behavior, but to simply enlighten people on the dangers of being promiscuous.

Sampha: Process 2017

Process is a striking, avant-garde portrait of Sampha using documentary-style footage to depict his roots in Morden, South London, and Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Due Process 2006

Legal thriller starring Eleonora Barna, Courtenay Betts and Drew Coombs.

Hardwood Process 1996

A history of scarred surfaces, an inquiry, and an imagining: for the marks we see and the marks we make, for the languages we can read and for those we are trying to learn. Reproduced by hand on an old contact printer resulting in individual, unique release prints.

Creative Process: Norman McLaren 1990

Norman McLaren was a cinematic genius who made films without cameras, and music without instruments. He produced sixty films in a stunning range of styles and techniques, collecting over 200 international awards, and world recognition. In Creative Process, director Donald McWilliams demystifies the process of artistic creation. Drawing on McLaren's private film vaults, a gold mine of experimental footage and uncompleted films, McWilliams explores McLaren's methods, including his celebrated "pixillation" technique, and his daring forays into animated surrealism.

Detail Street Process 2015

Detail Street Process presents a phase diagram for the fluid self of new materialism. Street smart pixels riffing on Bruegel and cosmic Inflation theory.

Ryan Mcginness: Studio Process 2014

Ryan McGinness has been coined as the Andy Warhol of our time. He's also been called a God, a leader of the new semiotics, and a pioneer of the contemporary art movement. Ryan McGinness: Studio Process, unveils the creative process and highlights Ryan McGinness at work. To witness McGinness at work in his studio is meditative and hypnotic, a complete contrast from the multi-layered work he is well known for. From iconic silkscreen graphics to black light paintings, McGinness creates a hybrid of experiences that move beyond the traditional canvas platform. A modern inventor in many respects, Ryan McGinness uses technology and the traditional method of silk-screening to create meditative experiences that reconstitute the meaning of beauty and timelessness.

Lessons in Process 2012

Lessons in Process is an experimental documentary about a filmmaking workshop given by Canadian filmmaker/teacher Phil Hoffman, at the famed Internacional de Cine y Television, at San Antonio de Los Banos in Cuba. The film is a meditation on generations and legacies that touches on matters of responsibility and participation in the creation and circulation of images. Lessons in Process is at once a celebration of tradition, a self-examination, and an elegy.

Check Collection Process 1961

Uses animation and live action photography to investigate the check collection procedures of the American banking system. Examines in sequential order the stages in processing a check from the time of deposit until marked canceled "paid". Shows the operations of the depository bank and examines the means of check collection from the banks on which checks are drawn. Explains the functions of the clearing house, correspondent banks, and the Federal Reserve System and shows the operations of the payor bank. Indicates the financial motives of the banks, the importance of efficiency in freeing bank funds for investment, and exceptions to usual routine such as large checks and return items.

Due Process

Due Process is a legal television show on New Jersey Network. First started in 1996, Due Process has been continually broadcasting about New Jersey's legal community for 14 years. In its 15th season, Due Process is NJN’s award-winning weekly series on law and justice issues. Hosted by Raymond M. Brown and Sandra King, Due Process is a half-hour show usually composed of a pre-recorded segment followed by a discussion with up to three guests. Recent issues include the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the Pew Study on Prisons, the nature of corruption in New Jersey, and the strides made towards diversity in the legal profession. Henrietta Parker is the coordinating producer for the show, which shares technical resources with other NJN shows like Another View, Images/Imagenes, and NJN News. As part of public television, Due Process is dependent on outside support which it receives in part from the New Jersey State Bar Foundation and IOLTA Fund of the Bar of New Jersey, as well as the Fund for New Jersey. A typical season of Due Process is composed of 16 episodes, although the 13th season had 18 episodes. In 14 seasons, Due Process has produced more than 225 episodes, and won fourteen Emmys and received 75 Emmy nominations. It airs Sundays at 9:30 am and 6:30 pm, and Tuesdays at 11:30 pm. Each week's episode can be viewed any time on the Due Process website.

Nuremberg 2000

Justice Robert H. Jackson leads Allied prosecutors in trying 21 Germans for Nazi war crimes after World War II.

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